the-shack-by-william-p-youngMissy, a joyful, bright young girl, was kidnapped during a wonderful family vacation, and soon the cops found evidence pointing that she was brutally killed. They found a vandalized body in an old shack somewhere deep in the wild. Mack, the father of the girl, was devastated. Almost half a decade later, when the pain is simply unbearable, he receives a strange note - it says it's written by God himself.

The Almighty is telling the man to go back to that shack for a few days. Obviously, that's some kind of a trick, but Mack doesn't know what else to do and how else to cope with the grief, so, he just goes there one cold winter day. Yes, he deliberately goes back to his nightmare, the worst place that he could ever go to, but he finds something there that flips his world upside down and forever changes his life.

Mackenzie will never be the same again after his latest visit to the shack where his little girl was murdered. What was it exactly that he found over there? Was it a clue that she's still alive? Was it hope for a better future? The Shack is a gripping, blood-chilling and riveting mystery thriller that conquered the hearts and minds of countless readers around the globe.

William P. Young created a true page-turner, a psychological thriller that you can never really figure out until you finish it. You'll be constantly guessing along the way, but even your wildest theories will be crushed by the shocking finale. The Shack is definitely worth your attention if you love engrossing novels that linger on and on. And, it's an amazing book for all those folks who lost somebody and don't know how to get back on their feet and to believe in the Greater Good again.

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