The Sheikh's Rebellious Bride (Qazhar Sheikhs series Book 3)

The-Sheikhs-Rebellious-Bride-Qazhar-Sheikhs-series-Book-3-by-Cara-AlbanyBook 3 in The Qazhar Sheikhs series. Three brothers and their search for love


Independent business woman, Zoe Smith never thought she’d have to ask her former lover Sheikh Tariq Al Kharif to honor the promise he’d made to her years before. But, when her world is turned upside down she has no choice but to demand that the Sheikh keep his word.

Even if it means entering into a marriage of convenience.

Sheikh Tariq can still remember the passion he once felt for the feisty American. Now she’s back in his kingdom and she has a dangerous proposal. When he rejects it, the woman who never took no for an answer gives him little choice but to accept a temporary arranged marriage.

One year of marriage. No intimacy allowed.

Now that they’re back together, sharing a palace and a bed, can they both resist their reawakened attraction? Can the sheikh overcome the resistance of his rebellious bride?

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