Jojo Moyes, one of the biggest writers of our time, delivers a poignant story about the heroic war brides and their journey towards the unknown. It's 1946, and WW2 is finally over. Four exceptional young ladies join 650 other valiant women aboard Victoria, a ship that carries weaponry, aircraft and a huge number of officers. It sets sails in Australia and is headed towards England.

Obviously, given the fact that this is a warship, the rules are extremely strict, and every single person on deck has to obey 'em. However, people are people, and the war brides and the men on duty still find a way to "connect".Frances, a troubled young girl whose terrifying past is following her wherever she goes, is simply trying to get away from it all and start a new life. Thankfully, this journey will change everything for her and will bring something new and exciting into her life - love.

It’s worth mentioning that back in the day, many Australian ladies on ships like this one married numerous Englishmen and became what is known as “war brides”. Me Before You pretty much monopolized the international sales charts a while back, and now Moyes is back with an insightful, gripping, moving new bestseller.

This is an entertaining, enchanting and rewarding read for all the fans of historical romance and strong-willed, exceptional women who are serving as role models for the modern-day generation. Grab a copy of The Ship of Brides if you want to read a book that's partially based on real events and depicts the ins and outs of the post-World War 2 world. The characters are all well-developed and multi-layered, the story is fascinating, and Jojo's trademark writing is impeccable!

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