The-Signature-Of-All-Things-By-Elizabeth-GilbertThis is a sweeping, majestic novel of desire, passion, strength and ambition from the lovely Elizabeth Gilbert, the world-acclaimed author of several international hits. Mr. Whittaker, a poor Englishman, became one of the wealthiest gentlemen in America by using his wits, smarts, and trading talent to propel to the top of the food chain.

Alma, his gorgeous daughter, become the sole inheritor of her poppa's riches and brilliant mind. Her passion was biology, and soon, she turned into one of the greatest and most esteemed botanists out there. She works in her lab 24/7 and tries to crack the mystery of evolution and everything else in between, and her searches lead her to Ambrose, a dashing man that steals her heart. He's a painter and shows Alma a whole another world - the reign of the fabulous, the divine and the mysterious things, the unfathomable stuff.

Now, Alma is a scientist - from head to toes - and it's kinda hard for her to take all of that magical mumbo-jumbo seriously. At the same time, Ambrose is a free-spirited man who's open to the strange, enigmatic and unexplainable things that happen in the world. So, what could unite these two people that think differently in almost every situation?

Their passion for knowledge and desire to understand how planet Earth works and the driving force behind us all. The Signature of All Things is a fast-paced, action-packed, gripping and exciting historical novel that takes the readers around the world and introduces them to all kinds of amazing characters. Written in a lively, bold manner, Elizabeth Gilbert's book is a must-have for the relentless romantics and scientists of our time.

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