the-silent-sister-by-diane-chamberlainRejoice, fans of mystery thrillers - we've got a brand-new marvelous novel to enjoy! The Silent Sister is a riveting, suspenseful story by Diane Chamberlain, a world-acclaimed master of creating fast-paced, breath-taking and exciting thrillers. Riley, the main character of the book, has been living her life thinking that her big sis, Lisa, killed herself back when she was just a kid.

However, today, more than 2 decades later, when her dad has just passed away and she's at his house taking care of things, she finds shocking evidence: her sister is alive! Yes, she is alive, but she's got a new identity now. The biggest question is - why did she have to go through all this trouble to make everybody believe that she's dead? Who is she running from and what secrets will Riley have to uncover before she gets the chance to see Lisa again?

So, Riley puts everything on hold and starts working on finding out the real truth, and, as she moves forward with the investigation, the things that she learns put in question pretty much everything that she thought she knew about herself, her sister and their family. So, she will have to decide what to do with this new truth and how to connect the past with the present - that's the only way for her to move on and find peace again.

Diane Chamberlain is constantly being named as one of the greatest writers of mystery thrillers, so, if you grab a copy of The Silent Sister, you'll most definitely get a mighty kick out of it. The book is full of tension, suspense and unexpected twists of plot. The Silent Sister is also emotional, powerful and almost impossible to put down. The mystery lovers are in for a real treat!

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