the-silent-waters-by-brittainy-cherryThe Silent Waters is a brand-new novel from one of the most talented and gifted writers of our time. Brittainy Cherry created a true masterpiece, and the story will leave you speechless. The fans are calling it one of the greatest books of the year, and the author's brilliant writing and immersive, emotionally-charged narrative will touch your heart and soul. Cherry claims that our lives are nothing but a series of events and memories.

Sometimes we get hurt and have to deal with a lot of pain. Other times - when we're lucky - we get to experience some beautiful, inspiring moments that give us the strength to keep going and to enjoy the world around us. Maggie, the main character of the novel, had many moments in her life that defined her and challenged her. She knows what it's like to be afraid, insecure and helpless. On the other hand, she's been lucky enough to know true happiness and joy.

Still, the biggest, strongest memories are about him. They're both heart-wrenching and breath-taking. He is her soul mate, the one and only man that she wants to be with. They’ve known each other ever since they were little kids. He was the first guy she kissed and fell in love with. They were planning an exciting life together, but one day Maggie lost her voice, and that made all the dreams go away. Will she be able to get back on her feet and carry on, or will the horrors of this world bring her down?

The Silent Waters is a tale about love, hope, broken promises, life, and death. It's powerful, engrossing and a truly exceptional read. The majority of world-acclaimed magazines and writers is calling Brittainy Cherry's brand-new novel her best work to date. So, make sure to grab your copy!

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