The-Silkworm-By-Robert-GalbraithThe Silkworm is the second book in a brand-new crime series by Joan Rowling, the writer who brought us the iconic Harry Potter series. However, the novel was released under a different name - Robert Galbraith. The main character of The Silkworm, Mr. Cormoran Strike, is a private investigator that had been going through a rough patch for the last couple of years. Thankfully, after he managed to reveal the real truth about the Lula Laundry case in the previous book, his business got a nice boost and life is starting to feel good again. He found the real killer of the supermodel, and that brought him a lot of "street credit".

So, now he's all about handling divorce cases - it's not his dream job, but the money is good. Soon, a lady named Mrs. Quine enters his office and asks him to find her husband, a famous writer, who's nowhere to be found. For the right price, Strike is ready to deal with whatever comes his way; therefore, he takes the job.

Quine himself, the writer, has been struggling for a very long time and was doing his best to write a novel as great as his debut, but could never deliver. The investigator finds out that his disappearance happened just when the manuscript for his latest work leaked. The manuscript is terrible, but it includes clues as to who might be the writer's biggest enemy, including his own wife, his lover, editor and publisher.

The whole investigation turns into a web of lies, accusations, counter-accusations and more lies. At the same time, Strike's relationship with Robin, his assistant, worsens every day, because she wants to be his equal while he's still treating her like an assistant -nothing more. The Silkworm by Joan Rowling is a gripping, intriguing and page-turning novel in the genre of crime fiction that's worth every penny you'll pay for it.

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