the-silver-boat-by-luanne-riceLuanne Rice, an award-winning and bestselling author, is back with a brand-new masterpiece that's both heart-warming and touching. This is a story about 3 sisters who are "scattered" all around the world but find the time and courage to get together for old time's sake. Their mom's beach house is practically the only place on planet Earth where they experienced real happiness and right now they desperately need to learn how to let go of the past and embrace the scary-yet-rewarding future.

This house has a lot of memories, including those of their grandma and father who left them when Dar - one of the girls - was just 12 years old. They find a whole bunch of super-old letters that reveal tons of family "secrets" dating back to the very beginning. The girls have been away for quite some time, and now it's kinda hard to say goodbye to their home when they just got a chance to appreciate it once again.

Besides, how do they get themselves to forget a place that holds priceless memories of the rich, complex history of their own family? If the house is no more, how would they be able to really be together anymore? The Silver Boat is a wonderful novel about 3 sisters who are trying to make sense of their lives and find the strength to move on.

On one hand, it's a sad, dramatic story, but on the other one, there's enough joy, fun and hope to bring a big smile to your face. The girls had the chance to experience true love, beauty, grace, sorrow, and grief. They're just regular people who want only one thing - to find happiness and to be able to stand strong on their feet. Luanne Rice did a wonderful job with The Silver Boat and delivered a true masterpiece!

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