The adventure begins in enchanted world where owls speak and are wise, where giants bake man-pies for their autumn feast, where a young prince is put under the control of an evil queen...

Classmates Jill Pole and Eustace Scrubb escape from the bullies at Experiment House school through a magical door that pushes open in the stonewall that surrounds it. They step right into the mountain of Aslan’s country, next to the great cliff. They soon learn that Narnia needs their help but before Aslan could give them the instruction, Eustace gets separated from Jill. Aslan charges Jill of finding the lost Prince Rilian after she memorizes the Four Signs that will help them in their quest. He then sends Jill to Narnia to join Eustace where the wise owls decided to let a marsh-wiggle, Puddleglum, accompany them. The three then set off to a dangerous journey north to defeat an evil Queen of Underland, so Prince Rilian can be freed.

The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis is the sixth book in the classic children’s series The Chronicles of Narnia – a real children’s adventure in the fantasy world of talking animals and mystical characters that have enchanted readers for over sixty years. Don’t miss the seventh installment of the series, The Last Battle, if you want to know what happens in the final days of Narnia.

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