the-silver-suitcase-by-terrie-toddWelcome to 1939: WW2 is on the horizon, and Canada has just declared war on Nazi Germany. Half a decade ago, Cornelia's mom passed away, and she's still heartbroken. She's just a 17-year-old girl, and, as new horrors come her way, she sees more and more reason to reject the faith that her parents tried so hard to make her a part of. However, when she's devastated and desperate, a mysterious stranger comes to visit.

The girl is all alone in this world, and she's forced to carry a heavy secret with her, so, she makes a rash choice that will haunt her for eternity. Cornelia could never find the right person to tell about everything she's been through and everything she saw, and that's why she writes about the pain of war in her diary - that's the only way for her to get some relief.

A couple of decades later, Benita, her granddaughter, is going through her own crisis, struggling to stay strong on both feet. She lost several loved ones in one week including Cornelia, the grandma that she loved the most. The emotions are too tough to bear, and the financial stress adds up, leaving its mark on the girl and her unemployed man, Ken.

The couple is about to divorce, and that's when Benita finds her grandma's diary, and it becomes the one and only thing that saves her and helps her to get up off her knees. The diary takes her on an exciting journey towards healing, love, faith, and true happiness. The Silver Suitcase is a wonderful historical romance that talks about religion and faith in a simple-yet-intelligible way. Terrie Todd created a true masterpiece, a must-have for all the young women who are going through something similar or had an experience like that in the past.

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