The-Siren-By-Kiera-CassKiera Cass, a bestselling author, is back with yet another fascinating teen fantasy-romance that will leave you speechless. She's one of the greatest writers in the genre right now, and The Siren might just be her best work to date. Kahlen, the main character of the book, is a Siren, and her task is to serve the Ocean by luring humans into the water. Her voice is captivating, but it's also deadly to anyone who gets to hear it. On the other hand, Akinli is a young, good-looking fella, and in Kahlen's eyes, he's just perfect.

Naturally, the two fall in love, but their passion puts them both in great danger. They can't be together, their love is destructive, but they also can't stay away from each other. So, will our heroine risk everything in her life and follow her dreams? Will she leave everything that she knows and holds dear only to follow this new, unknown thing called "love"?

The Siren is a beautifully written, gripping, page-turning book that's got it all: romance, faith, danger, thrill, a quest for love... It's an engrossing tale that won't let go of you until you read it through and through. Kiera Cass created a new masterpiece, one that all the young adult fantasy fans will fall in love with. By the way, the grown-ups will find The Siren highly entertaining as well, as it's not "vampire romance" and touches on a lot of universal subjects.

The critics really love to compare this book to the Hunger Games series, but it's got more fast-paced action, momentum and never slows down. And that's like the perfect recipe for a bestseller! It's officially confirmed that the sequel is on the way, so, make yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable and dive into the world of The Siren!

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