The Skin Collector

skin-collectorI don't know if the dude giving it 1 star is even reading the same book,but don't take his review with more than a grain of salt.

The Jeffery Deaver collection of books with Lincoln Rhyme & Amelia Sachs are all excellent,but this book here is just very well written. The story(in short summation) is that there is a suspected copycat killer doing his crimes not with fascination of bones but skin. The perpetrator emaciates people with a drug injection & then tattoos them while still alive with toxic chemicals in a tattoo gun. The cops are on the case but always just so close to the perp,while he stays 1 step ahead.

The perp even goes right to the scene of a crime & delivers a spiked cup of coffee to 1of the cops on the case. The cops(under Rhyme's command & the crew spitballing theories) soon figure "what if all these killings are a coverup diversion to mask the real crime"? They soon realize they are correct,with fast thinking and faster action & determination they unravel the code behind the tattoos and come face to face with The Skin Collector and foling his plan. The plan is really to make NYC panic and think there will be an attack on the waterlines(making them shut off the water so the perp can poison the waters with the planets deadliest chemical)

But other than that there is so much more about the killer that we soon uncover twoards the end of the book,the killer is working with his "family" . A family riddled with incest,homosexuality,racism,sexism,and a warped sense of justic & the concept that god has given them the okay to do this to purify the world(and do what they feel is right).

This book leaves you thinking "i'll put the book down after this chapter.....and 12 chapters later you finally do,because it is that addictive. The chapters end leaving you hungry for more just like the cops are hot to solve the case,you just can't put the book down. I guarantee that if you like any of the other Jeffery Deaver books then you know how good they are and this book is no different. Please just read it for yourself and make your own call on the book,don't take the 1 star review to heart. This is an excellent crime thriller that is twisted,addictive and somewhat informative(when it comes to chemical structures) i hope they make a movie out of this book. Check it out,you will not be disappointed.

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