the-sleeping-beauty-killer-by-mary-higgins-clarkThe Under Suspicion series is both bestselling and award-winning. Furthermore, the critics and the fans equally love it, which is a rare thing these days. As for The Sleeping Beauty Killer, it's the 3rd novel in the franchise, and Mary Higgins Clark is ready to make everybody turn their heads once again.

This time around, the story focuses around Casey, a woman who was charged with the murder of her own fiancé, a famous philanthropist, and entrepreneur. It all happened 15 years ago. But she has always claimed that she had nothing to do with the man's death and that she was wrongly accused. And, despite the fact that they did make her serve a sentence in jail, even when she "officially" got out, they're still keeping tabs on her.

Everybody's whispering and gossiping, and that's why Casey can't really get a job to support herself. Her own mom doesn't look at her the way she used to and treats her like she actually did something terribly wrong. And that's why Laurie, a TV producer, and her crew of fearless whistleblowers decide to give her a chance to speak up. This is her last chance to prove she's right and to clear her name.

Laurie personally tells her that everything's gonna be alright. The show has a new host - Ryan - a highly intellectual and motivated young fella. He's really big in the biz and has quite a reputation. He even makes an attempt to cut Laurie off with Casey's case, as he's "confident" she murdered her hubby. The Sleeping Beauty Killer is a stunning mystery thriller that will keep the readers guessing on every single page. Mary Higgins Clark is the true "Queen of Suspense"!

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