The-Sleepwalker-By-Chris-BohjalianChris Bohjalian, the world-acclaimed author of multiple international bestsellers, is back with a brand-new mystery thriller. The Sleepwalker is a blood-chilling, adrenaline-packing, and astounding story of love, loss, shocking lies and hidden desires. Annalee, a modern-day woman, vanishes into thin air one day and the news of her disappearance shock the kids. She's a sleepwalker, and her "walks" usually end up quite disastrously.

She turns into a violent person but can't remember any of it when she comes to. Once, she was miraculously saved by her daughter from falling from the edge of a bridge. When the family learns of a new "incident", a police party starts an official search in the woods. Warren, the woman's husband, takes the first flight back home from the business trip that he was on.

The investigation calls Lianna, the woman's girl, in for questioning. Soon, the cops find a small piece of clothing - it's torn apart and hanging from a tree. This piece of evidence means that Annalee is probably dead. However, Gavin, the young detective that questioned Lianna, refuses to close the case and keeps trying to figure it all out. He visits the family's house a couple of times and makes some calls.

Lianna, in turn, digs deeper and deeper into her mom's disappearance, and slowly, but steadily, she finds herself falling for Gavin. Yet, she asks herself a reasonable question: why does he want to solve this case so much and how does he know so much about Annalee? Besides, if she really did pass away, then why couldn't the police find her body? The Sleepwalker is an enthralling and engrossing mystery thriller/romantic suspense from one of the best storytellers of the US.

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