Philipp Meyer delivered a game-changing epic novel about power, influence, blood and gore that follows one particularly mighty family from Texas that fought with the Native Americans in the 19th century and took over the country's natural riches (oil in particular) in the 20th century.

AMC has turned it into a TV hit this year, so, if you haven't read the original yet, make sure to grab a copy and enjoy! The Son is a truly grandiose, epic story about coming of age, the terrifying prize of power, and a riveting, absolutely page-turning masterpiece that talks about the brutality that took place in the early days of the American west. This is a book about family, strong bonds, betrayal, and redemption.

Eli was a regular 12-year-old when the Comanche invaded his home and violently killed his mom and sis and took him away as a prisoner. They were cruel to him and put the boy through hell. However, to everyone's surprise, he managed not only to survive the constant torture but also learned their ways, customs, language and became the adopted son of the marauders' chief, one of his favorite young men in the world.

He joined their cause and battled other Native tribes and even white men, forgetting about his plan to avenge his family. But when the west finally destroyed the Comanche, Eli was lost: he had nowhere to go, as his tribe was gone, and the white folks didn't feel like his people anymore. A ruthless man at heart, he's always dreamed of power, and he built the foundation upon which his children and grandchildren created one of the greatest dynasties in Texas and the whole country.

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