the-special-power-of-restoring-lost-things-by-courtney-elizabeth-maukCourtney Elizabeth Mauk's brand-new novel is both riveting and heart-wrenching. This is the story of a devastated family that has to deal with the pain and confusion of losing a loved one. It's been a while since their daughter went missing, but they still can't seem to find peace. As a matter of fact, it's been a year since her disappearance, and the police couldn't even tell them if there was a chance that she could come back home.

But soon, they find a body that looks just like her, and that's when all the pain, the suffering becomes simply unbearable. The book follows the first 30 hours after the family learns that the girl is indeed dead and explores every single member of the family and their ways of dealing with it all. The girl's mom, Carol, spends the nights in a crazy attempt to find her daughter's killers and bring them to justice.

Her brother Ben, the family's pride and joy who used to be a great kid before the tragedy, is now hanging around with her friends who might have been the ones who were responsible for her disappearance and death. He adopted all of his sister's bad habits and can't find his way back to reality. As for her father, he did his best to keep the family together, but, after spending a whole year trying to convince his wife and son that they need to move on and failing, he stopped caring and cracked.

The Special Power of Restoring Lost Things is one of the greatest portraits of a family who has to live in a terrible new reality that's full of pain, chaos, and frustration. Will they be able to overcome all the difficulties and find redemption? Courtney Elizabeth Mauk created a thrilling, beautiful novel to enjoy on a cold winter night.

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