the-sprinkles-baking-book-by-candace-nelsonCandace Nelson is a real pro when it comes to making cakes and cookies, and her charming, engaging personality is exactly what made her wonderful cookbook a bestseller in America. This woman single-handedly opened the very first cupcakes-only bakery in the United States more than a decade ago - in 2005 - and people thought that she lost her mind. They could never believe that there was nothing else available at the bakery.

However, Candace knew exactly what she was doing, and Sprinkles - that's what she named it - sold out on day 1! Oh, and it's still selling out, to this very day! So, now that you know the history behind The Sprinkles Baking Book, you can truly appreciate the author's gift for all the fans of cupcakes and everything else that comes with the word "cake".

This wonderful book includes 100 super-delicious desserts from Candace's personal "recipe vault" that you simply can't miss out on. Furthermore, The Sprinkles Baking Book comes with all the necessary tips, tricks, and tools to make 50 top-notch cupcakes. And, you'll also find exclusive, never seen (or eaten) before recipes. Hey, that's not even the half of it: the author gladly shares her secret ingredients for the best cookies, cakes, and more, including "celebrity recipes" from the likes of Julia Roberts and others.

The bottom line is - if you love the classic American cookies, pies, and, obviously, cupcakes, The Sprinkles Baking Book will be greatly appreciated by everyone at your dinner party - guaranteed. We all need something sweet and tasty in our lives and the best way to get that is with help of tasty recipes. So, grab a copy of dive into the wonderful world of breath-taking cupcakes!

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