Anita Shreve, a best-selling and fan-favored author, delivers an incredibly suspenseful brand-new novel about a fascinating young lady and her life journey with its numerous obstacles and struggles. The book is heavily based on the terrifying true story of the biggest fire in Maine and follows the effect that has on this girl's life - both the event itself and everything that follows after it.

Welcome to 1947: It's October, and, given the fact that the summer was extremely "dry", it's no surprise that fires start breaking out here and there all over the state. However, pretty soon the scale turns from local events to an all-out catastrophe that consumes village after village and town after town.

The government authorities are confused and don't really know what to do against nature's rage, and people start to panic. Grace, the main character of The Stars Are Fire, is carrying a child (she's 5 months pregnant), and she's left all alone to take care of her babies when her fearless husband decides to join the volunteers and fight the fire. Rosie, her best friend, visits Grace with her two kids, and together they watch their homes go down in flames.

Eventually, the ravenous fire destroys it all, forcing folks to get aboard the coastal ships and run for their lives. They spend the night praying that everything will be alright only to wake up in the morning to a reality with no home, no money, and no news from their men...The Stars Are Fire is a brilliantly-written historical drama. The critics are already calling it one of the best releases of the year; so, make sure to check it out!

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