Aurora has been deeply in love with Houston, her BFF's brother, ever since she was a teenage lady (11 years old, to be exact). But, her friendship with the girl was too important for her, so, she decided to keep her feelings to herself and never tried to "make a move" on the handsome fella. However, after the girl's tragic passing, the two found themselves brought together by the mutual grief.

Next, they started a passionate and potentially devastating relationship that put them through a series of tests and challenged their loyalty to Hallie's memory. It didn't feel right to be together and do all those dirty things they did in bed when Houston's sister was gone. Eventually, they called it quits and left with broken hearts and heavy heads. They went down different roads and started their own lives - separately.

Half-a-decade later, they accidentally bump into each other, and while Aurora remembers the boy like he never even left, he doesn't recognize her. She knows that she hasn't changed that much; on the other hand, Houston looks like a completely different person. He's still as dashing and irresistible as he was 5 years ago when they decided to part ways, but time, pain and regret have changed him.

He's married to a woman that he doesn't love, and, even though he keeps telling himself that it's better to "play it safe" than to be in a messy relationship like last time, he still can't shake the feeling that this isn't what his life was supposed to be like. And the second he recognizes Aurora, all his feelings, emotions and cravings come rushing back. The Story of Us is equally heart-warming and heart-wrenching. This novel will move you and make you reminisce about your own youth and your first love.

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