the-subtle-of-not-giving-a-fuck-by-mark-mansonSelf-help and self-improvement are our greatest weapons - they help us on our journey towards happiness. Mark Manson, the author of this provocative-yet-effective book is a big advocate of that. The world-famous blogger delivers a game-changing manual on how to cut through the B.S. and stop trying to indulge everybody else but ourselves because that's the only way to true happiness for us. For centuries, they've been telling us that positive thinking is the one and only key to a happy life - a rich, prosperous life.

However, Mr. Manson is not afraid to say "Fuck positivity", and that's not just a bold claim. He argues that by accepting the world the way it is we free ourselves from prejudice and superstition, thus giving ourselves a chance to enjoy life and ultimately be happy. The man has been a superstar blogger before writing this book, and he's a big fan of the truth and never sugarcoats anything.

So, if you're ready for a mighty pack of raw, uncut, unedited and refreshing truth, welcome to the club! The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck is, in a way, a step-by-step guide on how to stay away from the "Everything's-awesome” mindset and to perceive the world the way it is. True, it might be beneficial to think that it's all gonna be alright, but, at the same time, a whole generation is now on the brink of self-destruction, simply because things turn out to be a bit tougher than they were told.

Manson's claims are backed by scientific research, his own life experience and a great dose of funny jokes to keep the mood light and bright. His motto is: don't try to make lemonade out of the damn lemons - just get your stomach ready for the worst. Embrace your weak sides, because only by doing so you'll be able to fight them and turn them into your strong sides.

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