The-Summer-Guest-By-Justin-CroninThe critics are calling Justin Cronin a gifted writer, a man with an impeccable taste and great talent, and it's safe to say that his latest novel, The Summer Guest, is his greatest work to date. At first, this is just the tale of an old fella, his dying wish, but that's barely even scratching the surface. Cronin's masterpiece is a rich, multi-layered, touching and thought-provoking novel about real emotions, lyrical grace, resilience, and so much more.

The narrative is mesmerizing, the characters are all lovely and charming, and the main message of this book is simply astonishing. Harry, an oldster, is living the last days of his life. He visits an old fishing camp somewhere in the middle of nowhere on a beautiful summer morning. All he wants is to spend a whole day in the nice spot that brought him serenity and meaning for 3 decades in a row.

Plus, he's got a fascinating "inheritance" that will flip the worlds of everyone close to him and forever change the way they live their lives. The story will take the readers from the fierce battleground of Italy to the craziness and beauty of the 60s, the so-called Sex and Freedom era and all the way up to the intimate, personal struggles for love and family.

The man touches Jordan who helps the old man live out his last days; Joe, the owner of the lovely camp and a man who's been carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and constantly wondering what it really feels like to be a brave, valiant man; his consort, Lucy, the one and only girl in the world that his heart belongs to; and finally, Kate, their beautiful daughter, a spirited, educated and witty young lady with a wonderful soul. Harry affects these people in the most extraordinary ways, revealing their secrets, testing their honesty and bravery and strengthening their bonds...

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