The-Telomere-Effect-By-Dr.-Elizabeth-BlackburnCome on, admit it: you've always wondered how some 65-70-year-old folks look, feel and act like 45-50-year olds, and wise versa - we all have! True, there are a lot of factors that affect the way our bodies age. At the same time, Dr. Blackburn, a brilliant woman who spent countless hours in the lab, came up with a bioindicator, so to speak. It's called telomerase, and if you want to be forever young, you should pay more attention to it.

Our genes are vulnerable to outside "threats", and it's our job to protect and safeguard them. Some people have stronger gene protection at birth, others don't, but when it comes to improving it, we can all benefit from this book's insights. Along with Dr. Epel, the author of The Telomere Effect is sharing the results of their joint research. It proves that it all has to do with the connection between our minds and bodies.

You don't need any special treatments, expensive pills or anything like that to boost your overall health. There's a lot you can do by changing your day-by-day routine and introducing some new habits instead of the old ones. Increasing your health span is only possible if you protect the telomeres in your body. Healthy, active, happy and able to do things that you would never think you would after 50 - ain't that something to strive for? We can fight the diseases if we just forget about boring science and focus on what's right in front of us.

Together with numerous colleagues from around the globe, doctors Blackburn and Epel show that regular workouts, good sleep, the right food and other things greatly affect our telomeres. On the other hand, stress, bad thoughts, "heavy" relationships and a wrong atmosphere can "crush" them. So, grab a copy of The Telomere Effect if you wanna be healthy, look good, feel good, do more and be happier!

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