Kristin Hannah, one of the greatest writers of our time, creates moving, poignant and meaningful dramas that give us the right motivation to keep on living and to appreciate everything that we have. Angie has been trying to have a baby for years, and the constant failures have devastated her.

She just went through a hurtful divorce, so, she decides to go back to her lovely townlet to take care of the management duties at her fam's restaurant. Soon, she meets a troubled girl, and when they become best friends, Angie's life takes a drastic turn that she can never go back from. Lauren is just a regular 17-year-old kid, but Angie sees something unique inside of her, and that's exactly why she offers her a job.

The two ladies quickly form a warm relationship, and so, when Lauren's own mom leaves her, her new BFF offers her a permanent place to stay until she figures out what to do next. However, Angie could never think that an act of kindness would have such game-changing consequences. It seems life destiny has brought these women together, and now it's up to them to turn their lives around and to follow each other's hearts.

One of them has been dreaming of a child for eternity, while the other one craves for a mother's love. Life is testing them both, in ways that none of them could even think of, but, if they manage to bring all the obstacles down, they'll find their path towards happiness. The Things We Do for Love is an uplifting, thrilling and thought-provoking dramatic novel about all the simple things that make us happy and give meaning to our lives. Kristin Hannah wrote yet another masterpiece that most certainly deserves a place in your personal library.

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