the-things-we-keep-by-sally-hepworthSally Hepworth delivers an all-time classic with The Things We Keep - the fans of heart-wrenching, breath-taking and uplifting stories will most certainly appreciate this brilliant novel. Anna, the main character of the book, is a young 38-years-old woman who has to deal with a terrifying disease - her mind is slowly degrading, and she's losing more memories every day.

But, she refuses to give up to grief and decides to do everything in her power to stay strong and enjoy life in every way she can. So, when her family takes her to an assisted-living house, she immediately starts to think how to get away. Besides, there are a bunch of old people there, and the only man her age is a guy named Luke. Obviously, she had no idea that this ridiculous facility would be the place where she finds true love. But that's exactly what happens!

She falls in love with Luke while still trying to hold on to her precious memories, including those of her new man. The two try to make it work, however, when a horrifying accident breaks Luke and Anna apart from each other, it seems like there's nothing that could bring it all back to the way it used to be. And that's when Eve comes in - a single mother who starts working at the facility and becomes witness to Anna's pure love.

The Things We Keep is a kind, warm and funny novel about people and their day-to-day struggles, a charming, compelling story that you simply won't be able to put down. Sally Hepworth wrote a beautiful page-turner that will stay with you forever. It's about the power of love and what it can do even in the direst circumstances.

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