Mr. Steve Case, a best-selling author and one of the founders of AOL is back with a vital book that offers an overwhelming strategy, a roadmap that will guide us all into the technological age. The whole world is changing, and, thanks to the latest developments, the economy is not what it used to be a couple of decades ago.

There are new challenges and new obstacles that we all need to overcome if we want to secure a bright, happy future for the generations to come. Mr. Case is a pioneer and a true visionary, a man who was (and still is) a leading expert back in '85 when he co-founded the first-ever Internet company that went public and turned into an international mogul a few years later. An entrepreneur and a businessman at heart, this gentleman was doing big things in an industry that didn't even have an official name yet.

He had a picture in his mind of how things would develop over the years, and, as time has proved, he was absolutely right. The Internet has a huge presence in our lives today, both in business and in the regular routine. We can't imagine our lives without it, and people like Case saw the revolution coming years ago.

It's been almost four decades since this man started working in this field and he is more than happy to share his wisdom and life experience with the readers today. The world can't move forward without innovations and courageous businessmen like the author of this book, and that's exactly what makes The Third Wave a special book: It's written by a man who changed the course of history and the way we do business today, so, if you're a striving young entrepreneur, this book must be on your nightstand 24/7!

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