Jo Nesbo, a bestselling author, comes with an engrossing new mystery thriller with just the right mix of suspense, tension, twists and turns to glue you to your seat. Harry is back, and he's after a brutal serial killer who finds his victims on Tinder. Women of a certain age who use the app on a daily basis are being murdered on what seems to be a new serial killer's spree.

The first victim left no clues behind except for pieces of paint and rust in her gruesome wounds. The second one was found 2 days later, and the scene looked almost exactly the same as the first one. The head of the police department knows that Harry is the one detective who can bring the killer to justice, but Hole is enjoying his retirement right now.

He gave his woman a promise to never risk his life for the city anymore - he's done more than enough for the citizens. After he almost lost the people that are close to his heart while working on a previous case, he's not ready to do the same - ever again. At the same time, these murders are putting the whole city in great danger and folks are starting to panic. And there's something about them that only the hard-boiled and experienced detective can notice.

It's clear as day that the cops won't be able to catch this bastard before he takes more innocent lives, so, Harry breaks all of his promises and puts his own life and the lives of his family members at risk just to help the police catch the killer. The Thirst is an exceptional mystery thriller that features an elusive murderer, a rough-tough detective and their grand clash. Will Hole be able to outsmart the most daring serial killer out there?

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