ISBN: 0752881671

Release: 11/2007


"The Thirteenth Tale" novel is a tribute to Jane Eyre. It is also a Gothic novel with every possible ingredient of that genre, incest, and suicide included. The Thirteenth Tale is not only complex but full of details and extravagant for any taste (Daily mail).

You will be fascinated by the narrative and the atmosphere that is quite scary at times. Long story short, a bookseller and a bookworm in her thirties Margaret Lea is receiving an offer comes from a successful English writer Vida Winter.

Vida Winter asks Margaret to write a book about her memoirs. Nobody knows details about her life because everyone who interviewed her so far received a different story. But now old writer asks Margaret to write her true biography.
The important thing is that the old lady hides a bitter secret that she does not want to give away readily. If by the end of The Thirteenth Tale novel you will have some ideas about how the conclusion might look like, then you will be wrong. Prepare yourself for a big surprise.

The Thirteenth Tale novel by is a great debut of Diane Setterfield. It is probably best suited for rainy, gloomy days, or for winter nights by the fireplace with a cup of chocolate or tea. This atmospherically story forces the reader to forget time passing and places him in a kind of trance. This is a book for anyone who loves literature and has a passion for old books, for how they smell

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