the-thyroid-connection-by-amy-myers-mdIf you, like countless folks around the world, have been experiencing some problems with your thyroid and are looking for a book that will teach you how to better understand the warning signs and take care of your health, just know that Amy Myers has got your back. She's a bestselling author and a medical doctor, and The Thyroid Connection is a comprehensive, "user-friendly" examination of the problem and a guide for improving your health.

If you feel exhausted for pretty much the whole day, can't concentrate on anything and are slowly, but steadily gaining weight, having trouble sleeping and suffering from panic attacks, then rest assured that you need to take care of your thyroid - ASAP. Now, if you go to a regular doctor, he'll probably tell you to start doing some exercises in the morning and change your diet a bit, but there's actually nothing more confusing and frustrating when they tell you it's all good when it's really not.

Now, as Amy Myers explains, all those nasty symptoms can be caused by what’s known as a thyroid disorder. This disease causes numerous problems with health that make life so much more difficult than it should be. According to statistics, over 20 million US citizens are affected by it, but the modern-day doctors and medicine often fail to identify the right diagnosis! And the worst part is - most doctors don't even care to do a thyroid test unless you tell them to.

That's exactly why The Thyroid Connection is a vital book if you're experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned before. The book will teach you how to take control of your life and take care of your health. Full recovery is possible, and the author knows it first-hand.

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