the-traitors-story-by-kevin-wignallKevin Wignall has a few mighty bestsellers behind his back and an international fan-base, and The Traitor's Story might be his greatest work to date. Hailey, an American teenager, is missing somewhere in Switzerland. She's not answering the calls and nobody knows where she is. Her terrified parents don't really know what to do. They decide to ask their neighbor Mr. Harrington for help - some say he used to be a spy back in the day.

Now, he can feel that there's a lot more to the girl's disappearance than everybody thinks, but he still promises the devastated Portmans to do his best. There's quite literally nothing to start the investigation from - only his instincts, but they were never perfect, and back in the day a lot went terribly wrong because he trusted them.

Well, there's no turning back now - he promised his neighbors to find the girl, and now he'll have to track her down, by any means necessary. Little did he know that that the teenager's abduction would be connected to the horrible events that ended his perfect career so many years ago. So, now he'll have to get back into a scary world that still remembers him and will try to ruin everything that he holds dear to heart. Does Harrington have what it takes to uncover the real truth behind Hailey's disappearance and save the girl? Can he still be counted on?

The Traitor's Story is an action-charged, thrilling, beautifully written novel that will glue you to your seat and keep you up all night. It's absolutely engaging and keeps the crazy tempo from the first page to the very last one. Kevin Wignall proved once again that he's one of the greatest when it comes to mystery thrillers.

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