The-Trial-A-BookShot-A-Women's-Murder-Club-Story-By-James-PattersonJames Patterson is the number one writer in the mystery-thriller genre, and with the latest book in his critically-acclaimed series, he surprises the fans with unexpected twists, "Wow!" moments and a gripping, intriguing story. At the center of the new book is Kingfisher - a murderer who's awaiting trial for his own life. But is he really going to be trialed? He's a dangerous criminal, and by killing the lawyers, policemen, and everybody else involved in his case, he practically paralyzes the city and keeps it under his control. Every single person in the city is under pressure, scared and worried about their own lives.

So, that's why Lindsay Boxer and the fearless Women's Murder Club are set to fight the crime lord and bring justice back into the hands of the official judge and jury. However, even they don't know what's coming, and the violence is only going to get worse. Will the detective be able to solve this case and be victorious, or will the Kingfisher break the city's spirit and rule with a brutal hand?

Book shots by James Patterson are truly amazing. First of all, they're pretty short and you can read them through and through in a couple of hours. Second, they're super-addictive and you won't be able to put them down until you finish them. Finally, they're all 100% original stories that you can enjoy without having to read the first books in the series.

James Patterson has created more iconic characters and has written more best-selling books than any other modern-day novelist! That gotta count for something, right? As for The Women's Murder Club series, it's one of his best ones to date, and that means you're in for a real treat!

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