the-trouble-with-mistletoe-by-jill-shalvisJill Shalvis conquered a lot of hearts and minds around the globe with the ground-breaking Heartbreaker Bay series. As for this book - The Trouble with Mistletoe - it's the latest addition to the franchise, and it's a wonderful romantic novel that will make you both laugh and cry. Willa, the heroine of this beautiful story, is taking care of her favorite puppies when Keane, a tall, brown-eyed handsome fella, barges into her pet shop with a strange cat carrier.

So, why would a man like him have any interest in visiting a pet shop? Well, he needs a sitter for his cat, ASAP. However, Willa is not too eager to help the gentleman out, as she's a bit offended that he doesn't even remember her, let alone her name. Keane is kinda lost, and he doesn't know what to do with a cat that used to belong to his great aunt. The only thing that comes to his mind is to leave the cat in someone else's care.

And that's why he's desperately looking for a sitter. At the same time, even though he's absolutely sure he never even laid eyes on this beautiful, sexy, gorgeous girl-pet-shop-owner, she's still very much mad at him, and he can't figure out why...Willa, on the other hand, wants to be angry with Keane, but she can see that he's a different man now and looks nothing like the boy from high school.

First of all, he's not cocky and/or arrogant, and that's a big step. But is it enough for her to let him into her world once again? How can she be sure that he won't hurt her again by breaking her heart? Well, it's Christmas, so, that means it's the perfect time to make a wish and hope it'll come true! The mistletoe will take care of the rest. At the end of the day, The Trouble with Mistletoe is a warm, kind, touching romantic novel that's got love, drama, and fun mixed into a perfect evening read.

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