The-Troubles-Keeper-By-Susan-MaySusan May had a terrific year: she sold more than 100K copies of her books in 2016. Yep, the fans really love her thrilling, mysterious and suspenseful paranormal stories! The Troubles Keeper, her latest gift to the readers, is a dark, gripping and addictive novel with a couple of mighty twists to make you say "Wow"! Rory, a bus driver, possesses a rare gift: he can "absorb" the troubles of other folks with a quick touch.

On one rainy night, he tells his gloomy passengers to take his palm and say goodbye to their worries. However, when he touches the hands of one of the riders, everything changes - somebody on the bus is hiding a horrifying, deadly secret. What started as just another "day at the office" turns into a dangerous clash with a sinister, formidable being.

Rory will have to make a decision, fast: he really wants to tell Mariana, one of his regular passengers, about his gift. He's secretly in love with her, even though they barely know each other. Yes, he wants to share it with her, but the last time he did that a tragedy happened and somebody died. At the same time, the guy needs to do something about that "thing" that's stalking the girl. It's killing people in sickening, eerie ways.

It doesn't even seem to be human, but its abilities are even more powerful than those of Rory himself. Mariana is the key element in this creature's evil plans, and if it succeeds, the whole world will be in danger. There's no hiding or running from this entity, and the only way for Rory to defeat it is to develop new powers. To do so, Fine will have to confront his own terrifying past. Susan May wrote another blood-chilling page-turner that will keep you up all night long. It's fast-paced, action-packed and full of tension.

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