the-twelfth-night-bride-by-kelly-mcclymerKelly McClymer did a wonderful job with her Once Upon a Wedding series - has been doing it for a very long time. She's a bestselling and award-winning author and brings the readers a Christmas story of love, loss, redemption and a little bit of the holiday magic. The Twelfth Night Bride is the 7th installment in the long-living series and one of the best books to date.

Kate, the heroine of the tale, keeps telling herself that Christmas will surprise her with a miracle. She's on her way to Ireland to talk some sense into her bridegroom. Many years ago, she promised to become his wife if he let her enjoy a ride on his gorgeous stallion. Obviously, it was a stupid joke, but Kate is quite intrigued by the fact that he still remembers the promise and wants to be her husband. The man is full of beautiful words and catchy phrases, but the girl doesn't really care about that.

All she wants is for him to prove that it's really her that he's after, not her precious dowry. The story takes an unexpected turn when he is called back home and refuses to stay and marry Kate or to take her with him. So, she's tired of waiting, and she decides to go to Ireland and confront the fella. Now, Kate will have to prove to him that she's just the right girl for a lord, a loyal wife that will support him in every way and help him rebuild his empire and make his people trust him again.

The Twelfth Night Bride is a wonderful historical romance with a touch of a fairy tale to make things even more exciting. Kelly McClymer delivers yet another awesome read for the upcoming Christmas holidays. Start the fireplace, make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate and enjoy this fascinating story!

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