the-two-family-house-by-lynda-cohen-loigmanWelcome to Brooklyn, ladies and gentlemen! It's 1947, and while the blizzard is raging outside, 2 babies come into this world in a 2-family house. The kids are born minutes apart from each other, and their moms are sisters by marriage. Helen is kind, generous and hard-working. She's got 4 kids, 4 restless boys. Rose, on the other hand, is quiet, dedicated, and has only one goal in her life - to make her husband happy.

So, the two women are living side by side, raising their kids together and supporting each other in pretty much everything. Their friendship is strong, and it seems like nothing can break it. When the blizzard stops, everything gets back to how it used to be. However, as time passes, this unbreakable bond starts to slowly, but steadily weaken, and the brick-strong friendship between Helen and Rose begins to crack.

They don't really know why it's happening and if there's anything they can do about it. One wrong choice, one act of betrayal threatens their decades-long friendship. Will they be able to overcome all the difficulties, forgive each other and get back to how things were before, or is it over for their bond? Lynda Cohen Loigman created a gripping, breathtaking and heart-wrenching story that will keep you up all night.

It's safe to say that The Two-Family House is one of the greatest novels of the year, and, if you appreciate family sagas, vivid, rich characters, and enough emotional tension to make you turn those pages like crazy, Loigman's debut will most certainly be a great pick for you. The writing style is superb and the story is captivating - perfect for an evening read.

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