the-universe-has-your-back-by-gabrielle-bernsteinGabrielle Bernstein is a real pro when it comes to self-help and self-improvement, and she's proved several times that she's got that magic touch, meaning she can find just the right words to get people inspired and ready to go for a real change. The Universe Has Your Back, her brand-new book, is all about transforming our fears into strength and faith, which will lead to a life full of prosperity, happiness and divine guidance.

The book is divided into multiple lessons and stories, and every single one of them is like a step-by-step manual for us, the readers, on how to get what we really want - security, peace, joy, and confidence. The main idea behind The Universe Has Your Back, or, rather, the main calling, if you will, is to stop being obsessed with controlling everything and to let the universal wisdom in.

We can only truly get a sense of freedom and purpose if we manage to relax and clear our heads. Stop chasing after something elusive and start living your life! The transition from fear to faith is arguably the hardest job for any of us to do, but, if you succeed, that will give you an amazing sense of power in a world that makes pretty much every person feel powerless from time to time.

So, if you're going through a rough patch and the day-to-day struggles seem to be a bit hard for you to handle, this book will show you the way back to your strength and confidence. In a way, The Universe Has Your Back is the only book you'll ever need to feel and be strong, free, and happy. Gabrielle Bernstein put her heart and soul into it and, as a result, we have a masterpiece on our hands. Don’t be afraid to make the most out of it!

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