The-Unwanted-Wife-By-Natasha-AndersTheresa, a delicate, fragile and highly intellectual young woman, has met her dad's colleagues from work before, but the new guy - a handsome Italian bad-boy named Sandro - turned her on the minute she saw him. Long story short, the two ended up marrying each other and starting a beautiful family. However, 1, 5 years later, the man has turned into an ice statue and doesn't even touch his wife.

The relationship has changed into a daunting, hateful endeavor, and Theresa works up the courage to tell her man that it's all over and that they need a divorce. Sandro agrees, but he demands something from her before they part ways: he wants her to give him a son. This ultimatum crushes Theresa, and she quite frankly doesn't know how to respond to it.

The thing is - the love between them is long gone, and she constantly overhears the guy on the phone with another lady. At the same time, the worst thing in this whole story is that the girl feels like her dear old dad, Mr. Noble, is behind all this and that it's a big part of his sick agendas. So now, the only way for her to break free from Sandro and her father is to find out the real truth behind his request and forever cut ties with both of 'em.

She's been suffering long enough, and it's time for Theresa to move on from all the craziness of her family. She's still young, beautiful and strong!The Unwanted Wife is a beautifully-written dramatic novel that's simply flawless: you've got a gripping story, a great heroine, and a few twists and turns along the way to keep you glued to your chair. Natasha Anders delivered a must-have for all those young ladies that can't find the strength to say goodbye to their grievous lives and move on.

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