the-upside-of-inequality-by-edward-conardThe Upside of Inequality is a deep exploration of the current state of the American economy, an honest, bold look at how things are in the country right now and a pragmatic, practical guide back to a healthy financial system. The author argues that while the government officials mean well and are doing a lot to change the state of things for the better, their methods are false and their techniques are wrong. Edward Conard's debut book made a lot of noise a few years ago, and he did a brilliant job of explaining every important aspect of the 2008 crisis on the financial markets worldwide.

Furthermore, he stated that a "50/50" monetary policy would probably be the worst course of action and that there won't be any lasting benefits from the expansionary fiscal policy that The Fed was going with back then. The recovery was pretty weak and unstable, and the last thing the United States needed were the misguided attempts of the banks to produce growth.

Well, as it turned out a few years later, he was right! So, now Conard is back with a new provocative-yet-clever claim: income inequality is not the answer for the current situation, and it will slow the growth even further, resulting in a devastated economy that will be almost impossible to get back on its feet.

The author did a tremendous job of delivering a fact-based, objective book on how to keep the country on both feet and to ensure a happy future for our kids. America can't take any more risks with the economy, especially when there's a big shortage of professionals in the field. So, if you want to know what's really going on with the US today, grab a copy of The Upside of Inequality and learn all the smallest details.

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