Ben Sasse, a renowned American senator, is worried about the modern-day young adults that will shape this country in the nearest future. The nation is under attack - from all sides - and the time to act is now. The economy today is ruthless and unforgiving, which is exactly why our mild-mannered and caressed youth won't be able to survive its consequences unless we teach it how.

The young men and women in the US today are raised by loving-yet-overprotective moms and dads while being indulged by stupid and weak government programs. The majority of the good-old "rituals" that defined a boy's/girl's transformation into a grown-up human being, including learning a profession and sticking with it, leaving your family to start your own, and earning money to support yourself and your partner, and being heavily delayed or even skipped nowadays.

Let's take a look at the statistics: nearly 1/3rd of college students in the United States drop out after the very first year, while only 4 out of 10 make it through and graduate. And 1 in 3 18-34 year-olds today live with their mothers and fathers. Mr. Sasse used to be president of a college in the Midwest, and he saw first-hand how numerous students failed without a proper fight.

This is a big threat to the future of this country, to the American way of life. So, in this book, the man is trying to make his message heard: we need to make our men and women work hard, just like our generation used to; otherwise, their kids will be lost, and there will be no going back. The Vanishing American Adult is a vital book for every single American citizen today and talks about the importance of raising our kids the right way to secure this country's future.

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