Sophia is in love with her job and has always been one of the best PR executives out there. Her family has been producing top-notch wines for three generations and their product is considered to be of the highest quality. However, big changes are coming to the Villa: Tereza, the "head honcho", has agreed to join forces (merge, that is) with the MacMillan winery, and that means Sophia will be tasked with a different assignment.

She's a smart, witty and savvy businesswoman and knows all too well that she needs to adapt to this new situation and anything that's coming her way. But how could she be prepared for a man like Tyler? Both families asked the two to work together very closely to promote the merger and to learn more about the respective businesses.

Sophia is to teach the guy the ins and outs of proper marketing, while Tyler is to show the gorgeous young woman how to use the nature's gifts - the earth, the sun and the rain - to produce the most amazing grapes for the wine. The more they spend time together, the more Sophia feels attracted to this handsome man. On the other hand, there's a strong rivalry between them, and these two feeling keep tearing the girl apart.

The future of both companies is at stake, which means this deal must go as smoothly as possible. But, several acts of sabotage put the merger in jeopardy and threaten the Giambelli family and their business. Now it's up to Sophia to fix it all and to make sure the deal stands. The Villa is a fascinating mix of romance, drama, humor and thriller and comes with a great cast of characters and an exciting plot.

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