The-Vineyard-By-Barbara-DelinskyThe critics are calling The Vineyard the greatest, most complex, powerful and emotional novel by Barbara Delinsky, the fascinating author of numerous best-sellers. This is a tale of two ladies - a generation apart - and their dreams. Natalie extremely values appearances and is always supportive of her husband, owns a flourishing wine-making biz and has exquisite manners.

So, when the woman announces to everybody her decision to marry a simple worker just a few months after she buries her man, a 58-year-old fella, her kids - a son and a daughter - are out of words. They are disappointed by her and don't support her decision. Confused by their disapproval, she starts writing a memoir, hoping to cope with the pain and frustration that way.

Olivia is a big-time dreamer: she really loves to go through old photos that she brings back to life. Together with Tess, her kiddo, she believes in the fantasy that there's a big, wealthy, happy fam somewhere out there and that they are waiting for them. So, when Natalie asks her to help out with the memoir, she instantly agrees to the gig.

A whole summer at the woman's gorgeous vineyard by the shore seemed like a fantasy coming true. However, nothing's as it seems in this world. The illusion of a perfect life comes crashing down on her pretty head, bringing the lives of Natalie and Olivia together and resulting in a touching, powerful story. What can these two ladies have in common and how can their lives be so similar? Read The Vineyard and find out! Barbara Delinsky did a wonderful job with this novel and created her best work to date.

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