Gavin is a billionaire, plus, he single-handedly wrote a highly successful series, an international bestseller. But right now he's struggling with his writing and is trying desperately to hide his lack of inspiration. It's been a year since he's written his last book, and there's not much the man can do to wake his own talent up.

Yes, he's facing writer's block, and it's simultaneously breaking his spirit and threatening his big-time contracts with the publishing house and some big honchos from Hollywood. His agent offers him a way out: he tells him to visit Allie, a top-notch physical therapist. She is to fix the fella and treat the writer's bad shoulder and neck pain. Who knows, maybe the sassy-woman-of-a-therapist will also be able to "cure" his mental stagnation?

It's safe to say that Gavin needs something new and exciting in his life, and, thankfully, Allie turns out to be quite a "sparkly" female. She wakes something up in him, makes the billionaire feel alive and gives him the necessary nudge to get back to writing again. Sparks start to fly between the two as soon as they lay eyes on each other, and thus starts a steamy love affair that promises happiness for both of them.

However, they're about to be confronted by the past that jeopardizes what they have with each other. The only way to let go of the ghosts and move on is to face it all. The stakes are higher than ever, and the obstacles keep getting bigger and taller as they go. Will these two find the necessary strength to hold on to each other? The VIP Doubles Down is a sweet, sexy, funny and engaging novel that will make you a big sucker for erotic romance even if you've never been a big fan of the genre.

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