Sarah was sold to a rich boy by her own dad - he owed him a lot of money. Yes, it's a pretty wicked deal, but the man still accepts, as he can see clearly that she's got that spark in her eyes and is not afraid to be handled by a real gentleman. She wants him to put his hands all over and show her what a real man can do to a gorgeous and fragile girlie like herself.

Obviously, the girl is trying to hide her lust and cravings, but it's as clear as day that she's got that attitude that will make any fella lose his mind. He can't stop fantasizing about her - she's on his mind 24/7. Sarah is a virgin, and, as much as Damien would love to get his hard cold cash, the girl is just too sexy to pass. He accepts the offer and takes her to his mansion as his new pet.

The young woman is eager to please, unlike most of the "modest and honest" girls that keep to themselves and are afraid to show their darker side. At the same time, even Sarah can't imagine what Damien has in stores for her. He's got a good friend slash partner who was also treated badly by her dad, and he is going to join the sex marathon!

They've got a choice to make: either keep her on a short leash and do whatever they please with her, or sell her on the market and forget about that pretty little face. She's the sweetest little thing, and taking her virginity is going to be the most exciting thing for them in a long time. The Virgin Market is a dark, twisty and unbelievably sexy erotic novel that features not one, but two alpha males and one gorgeous virgin. Some readers might consider the contents of this book to be too extreme, but if you're a fan of it all, then you're in for a treat.

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