the-way-he-loves-me-2-by-diamond-johnsonDiamond Johnson entered the literary elite with The Way He Loves Me series, and now, when it's time to say goodbye to the characters, you can rest assured that you're in for a treat. In this final chapter, all the secrets will be revealed to the world. Part one ended on a shocking note: Mackenzie realized that the man who's supposedly Junior's father is also the daddy to Maddison's daughter.

So, what's she expected to do with this kind of information? How does she handle it without hurting anybody but still sharing the real truth with the ones that need it? Or maybe she should just forget she even found out about this and move on? Besides, she's got her own stuff to take care of. Now, when she's finally with the guy that she wanted to have for a very long time, it doesn't feel like paradise.

Can she keep him? Is he really the man that she thought he is, or maybe Mackenzie is supposed to let go of him and find her true love? Those are the main questions in The Way He Loves Me 2, and the readers will get the answers to all of them. If you loved the first book and want to learn what happens to the characters and how the story ends, you will most certainly not be disappointed with part two.

It comes with betrayals, heartache, thrill, scandals and a whole bunch of secrets. The Way He Loves Me 2 is a stand-out cut in modern-day literature and grabs your attention with a rich, layered narrative, a unique writing style and likeable characters. Diamond Johnson managed to write the grand finale that everybody's been waiting for and it's safe to say that the fans got the perfect ending for their favorite series.

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