the-way-things-work-now-by-david-macaulayDavid Macaulay is like the modern-day version of the best scientists in the world, except that he's not actually developing any laws of physics or anything like that - he's just explaining what we already know in a more engaging, easy-to-grab way. The New Way Things Work was an international bestseller, and now he's back with the updated edition that comes with the most recent technological achievements that influence our lives on a daily basis.

You'll learn about pretty much everything that has to do with the word "technology", including the windmills, up to the Internet, and how Wi-Fi works. This one-of-a-kind, funny ,educational and entertaining book is doing a great job of guiding the young readers into the world of machines and tech, plus, it also shows how the achievements of the modern-day society will shape the world our kids will live in.

Again, The Way Things Work Now is the brand-new edition, and that means you can expect at least a few insightful words about 3D printers, touch screen interfaces, and more. Besides, every new tech and scientific developments are explained in plain-and-simple English. Yes, you won't need a science degree to make sense of it all. In addition, you'll get a glossary of techy terms and tons of fascinating images.

David Macaulay's exceptional sense of humor, wit and superb writing manner allow him to turn the complex and maybe even boring principles into something fun and exciting, and that's exactly what makes his books so popular. The Way Things Work Now is the perfect book for the smart young adults of the modern-day world who want to know more than just how to send a text and turn the lights on.

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