the-wheel-of-fortune-by-susan-howatchRomantic sagas are always popular with the readers, simply because they invite you into a wonderful alternative world that's full of love, passion, and drama. Robert, the heir to his family's great interests, doesn't know a thing about what his heart really wants. It's 1914, and the Godwin family is enjoying royal life in South Wales. The house is noisy and buzzy - the owners are having a ball and dancing away.

Everything's going better than they expected and business is booming. However, they have no idea what's in stores for them in the future, and Robert will have to go through numerous struggles and do everything in his power to save those he holds close to his heart. When WW1 strikes, the Godwins manage to stand strong on both feet, but when World War 2 comes knocking at their door, everything collapses.

Scandalous love affairs, jealousy, and bad decisions bring even more "heat" to their gorgeous mansion. The Wheel of Fortune is heavily based on real events that actually happened more than 100 years ago, and Susan Howatch used her brilliant writing style to turn this century-old story into a modern-day bestseller. This is a novel about love, hate, redemption, revenge, and forgiveness. It's mesmerizing, marvelous and splendid all at the same time.

The bottom line is - if you love historical romance, you'll definitely fall in love with this book. It's gripping, heart-warming and heart-wrenching. As far as great Christmas reads go, this one would be one of your best picks. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, get comfy on the sofa/chair and let Susan guide you through the struggles of the Goodwins.

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