the-whiskey-sea-by-ann-howard-creelAnn Howard Creel delivers a captivating historical romance that's got all the right "ingredients" to become the new fan favorite. It's already a bestseller in the States, which means satisfaction is most certainly guaranteed. Frieda, the main character of The Whiskey Sea, is a strong, confident young girl who's ready to do whatever it takes to make sure her sister Bea gets the life she truly deserves.

The girls don't have a mom to guide them through the harsh reality of this world, but, fortunately, Silver, a good-hearted fisherman takes the sisters in and takes care of them. Soon, they get used to the water and start to enjoy it. However, when Silver decides to sell his boat to a World War 1 vet, Sam, thinking that he would make just the perfect husband for Frieda, the girl feels betrayed.

Still, she finds a way out of the situation: she convinces the ex-soldier to teach her how to handle a boat and fix its engine. That gives her free will, and so she doesn't necessarily have to marry Sam. Unfortunately, the girl soon finds out that mechanics don't make enough money to support three people. Eventually, she ends up with a group of rumrunners who make a fortune on supplying drinks to a bunch of speakeasies in NY.

So, that's how Freida gets into the dangerous business of transporting alcohol from one shore to the other. True, the work is risky, but there's good money in it. Besides, she meets a good-looking fella who steals her heart. The Whiskey Sea is a thrilling romantic novel that invites the readers to embark on a journey with the characters and enjoy an amazing adventure in 20th century America.

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