the-whistler-by-john-grishamJohn Grisham is a #1 bestselling writer in the United States, and his previous book, Rogue Lawyer, set all kinds of international sales records. And now, the world-esteemed author is back with The Whistler, a game-changing mystery thriller that the critics are calling the most gripping and engaging novel of 2016. This is a high-risk, high-stakes ride of a lifetime through the dangerous corners of Florida.

Mr. Grisham asks a question: what happens when a judge, a person that we trust will uphold the law, breaks, or, at least, bends it? What if he or she takes a bribe? What do we do, how do we act? The society expects the judges to be the moral compass in these tough times, and their integrity is what the whole system is holding on to. They are "assigned" to punish the criminals and lend that much-needed hand to the most unfortunate of us. But, as it turns out, not all the judges in America are true to the cause.

Lacy, the main character of the book, is a young investigator whose specialty is Judicial Conduct. She's not a police officer - she's a lawyer. Her responsibility is to talk to folks who complain about judicial misconduct. It's not a very exciting job, but it does pay the bills. Lacy has been working with the Board for almost a decade, and she knows from a first-hand experience that most complaints have to do with the incompetence of the people who work in the judicial system, as opposed to corruption.

However, one fine day, a corruption case does make it to Lacy's desk. Mr. Myers, a lawyer who was disbarred back in the day, is back in Florida, and he claims that he's got a list of all the crooked judges in America. Lacy gets involved with the case, and her guts are telling her that this will be quite a bumpy ride...

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