The-White-Elephant-by-Georgene-FaulknerGeorgene Faulkner is one of the most popular writers of children's books of the previous century. She's a highly talented author that manages to talk about "grown-up stuff" in a way that even the smallest kids can understand. Critics used to call her "The Story Lady" as she was an amazing storyteller and really loved to read her own books and short stories to the little ones. The White Elephant is a classic Indian story that's retold by Faulkner in the most amazing way. If you think that your kids won't be interested in a story about a different culture, you'll be happy to learn that Faulkner, an American writer, "adapted" the story in a very clever manner so that the English-speaking kids will get to enjoy it just as much as the Indian kids do. The Indians are known for having fascinating tales about the good and the bad, the right and the wrong. The story about the white elephant has been around from the early days of Buddha - yep, it's a pretty ancient tale!

The story is about a village and people who go to the forest in their boats and cut down the trees so that they can use them for building homes, temples and other stuff. One fine day, when they were working in the forest, a gigantic elephant came out of the trees, with one of his feet being heavily injured. A man from the group came closer to the poor creature and examined its foot. After that, he told the other men to come and help him pull out a huge thorn from the foot and take care of the elephant.

In gratitude, the animal agreed to help the people of the village and served them for a very long time. This story is about compassion, helping others and not being afraid to lend that helping hand.

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