the-whole-towns-talking-by-fannie-flaggWhen it comes to moving, touching and uplifting novels, Fannie Flagg, the legendary American writer, is easily in the top-3. She's a best-selling, award-winning and internationally-known author with her own, unique style, heart-warming stories and engaging characters. This is a charming, thought-provoking and fun book. Elmwood Springs is a classic American small community - nothing special about it - but there's something funky going on at the local cemetery.

Mr. Nordstrom, his woman, their families, and neighbors are the main characters of this tale, and the readers will learn about the way they live, love, and, ultimately, carry on to the next world. Lordor takes pride in the fact that he managed to not only create a wonderful town and secure the future for his dynasty but also came up with a fascinating "graveyard" for all of his family members, friends and pretty much everybody else.

However, as it soon turns out, the cemetery is not much of a "wonder place": strange things start to happen there, and the whole population starts to gossip about it. Fannie Flagg is officially back, ladies and gentlemen, and she's got an amazing story to tell. We all know that her rich imagination, great story-telling skills and writing excellence always make the world a better place.

This time around, she talks about the human heart, life, the choices people make, the emotions they feel, the consequences of words, and more. The Whole Town's Talking is a funny, exciting read, and the author reminds us that building a strong, trusting neighborhood is a vital thing and that the lives we are given are precious and we should never take them for granted.

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