the-wild-robot-by-peter-brownIt's safe to say that children's books today are in a pretty great place, and we've got more than enough good tales and poems to keep our kids entertained and educated. Still, there can never be too many of those, and I'm happy to say that The Wild Robot is a fascinating book that will be both exciting and gripping. Peter Brown knows exactly how to write a story that will allow you to bond with your little ones.

Roz, the main character of this story, is a robot, and when she (yep, it's a girl) opens her "eyes" for the very first time, she learns that she's all alone in a faraway, dangerous land. There's nobody there to lend a helping hand - she's on her own. Roz has absolutely no clue as to who she is or who put her there (and why). The only thing that she does know is survival is imperative.

Soon, when she stands strong against a brutal storm and runs away from a scary beast, she understands that she needs to adapt to this hostile environment and learn whatever there is to learn from the island's furious and not-friendly-at-all animals. However, she does manage to "warm the hearts" of a couple of animals, and that's when this God-forsaken island starts to feel like home.

But, when Roz's foggy past comes after her, it threatens to destroy everything she managed to build on her own. Peter Brown, a best-selling author/illustrator, created a touching, moving, action-charged novel about an unusual bond between a robot and the animals. The critics are calling The Wild Robot one of the greatest books for children of the year, which means it's a must-have if you want to surprise your little ones with an awesome story.

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